4 Zookeepers Decide To Self-Quarantine Inside A Zoo To Take Care Of The Animals

After everything happening in the world with the coronavirus, there are 4 zookeepers who have decided to make sure that the animals in their refuge are taken care of. These 4 women have made it their mission to look after Paradise Park, a wildlife sanctuary located in Hayle, Cornwall, UK. They all will be living inside the zoo during this special time period.

They have received much praise for their efforts and what it entails to work in such a location. This zoo, along with others out there are temporarily closing its doors to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Image: Paradise Park

Izzy, Emily, Layla, and Sarah-Jane—have volunteered to move into the park and to self-isolate. From what is understood during the 12-week self-isolation period, they will continue to be supported by their colleagues during each of their shifts. People like this are making a difference and helping to protect not only themselves and others out there but nature as well.

This park is fairly good sized. There are 1,200 different birds here among other mammals such as red pandas, red squirrels, harvest mice and Asian otters as well. As one can imagine, feeding and taking care of all of these animals can prove to be a real challenge. Each of them have to be fed, cleaned and medicated. The park itself also needs maintenance as well. It seems these 4 women will be quite busy over these trying times.

Image: Paradise Park

All of these women decided it was in the best interest of these animals to step up and help out even more. Out of precaution there will now be these 4 women at Paradise Park over the 12-week self-isolation period. 

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Izzy is one of these women and she explained that if worse comes to worst and all of the zoo keeping staff is unable to work, at least she and her three colleagues will be able to pick up the pace in taking care of the animals. Beginning in Easter, the zoo will start what they call Photocalls. 

Image: Paradise Park

This will allow only a small handful of visitors (who are chosen) to help feed the penguins there and even will be allowed to pet them and take photos.

These women will be wearing a lot of different hats to make up for the shortage of staff. They will have to keep training the birds there which include eagles, vultures and hawks. This is all done in part for the zoo’s free-flying displays which take place during the summertime.

Even though the park is closed to the public for now due to the outbreak, they are providing 

Social media updates regularly to let people see what they are up to. It seems these animals are in good hands.

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