Admire The Hand-Sketched Drawing Skills Of Nikolay Yarakhtin

His name is Nikolay Yarakhtin and he has an incredible talent. Through a series of sketchings, he is able to bring forth a photorealistic portrait to life.

Most of the time, doing drawings like this are done in a controlled environment such as a studio. However, Nikolay is drawing people on the streets and the results are astounding. 

Nikolay Yarakhtin hand sketch little girl
Image: Nikolay Yarakhtin/Instagram

When artists attempt to do something like this, they are attempting to reproduce the subject to that of a photograph. Reproducing something like this is tricky and difficult to do.

Nikolay has a real knack for this as seen in these examples. One can only imagine his work in color, it would likely look like a real photo. 

Some people have real talent and it is great to see them get credit for it. Nikolay now has over 42 thousand followers on Instagram alone. Nikolay spends a vast amount of his time sketching people in the streets.

Nikolay Yarakhtin/Instagram

Most people look unique and he is able to capture that in each portrait. He seems to highlight each person’s features ever so slightly. 

Many times when one sees an artist sketching like this, their work comes across cartoonish or exaggerated in some way. People like Nikolay have spent many years working on their craft.

It is undeniable that they have become masters of their art. It seems they have been given a gift of sorts in this world. 

Each person is unique unto themselves. Their face is not exactly the same. Although twins or look-alikes do exist, there are subtle differences. Each side of a person’s face is not entirely symmetrical.

Because of this, sketching someone is a difficult thing to do. You have to capture those “flaws” found. Nikolay Yarakhtin has been penciling people for 28 years now. He is originally from Cheboksary a city in western Russia along the Volga River.

When asked about how long it takes him to create these works of art, he replied: 

“It takes me about an hour to make a portrait. Looking at the excitement of my clients seeing their portraits brings me a lot of joy and inspires me.”

Image: Nikolay Yarakhtin/Instagram

There are many kinds of people who travel to Saint Petersburg as tourists. It has become a melting pot of the world and lots of people pass through here.

This gives Nikolay many challenges and creativity to include into each of his portraits. Perhaps he will continue doing this for another 28 years, as he has carved out a niche among the masses.

Those interested seeing more of his work can be found on Instagram here.

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