Futuristic Power Plant Converts Waste Into Energy And Doubles As A Ski Slope And Climbing Wall

This unconventional power plant makes use of its vertical space. Quite literally, the top of this building is being used as a ski slope and climbing wall.

The power plant itself is located in Denmark. It has been a dream for 8 years. This power plant known as Amager Bakke. (Amager, for the island Copenhagen is on, and Bakke, the Danish word for “hill”).

Copenhill power plant aerial view Denmark

Now, this power plant is considered to be the cleanest waste-to-energy power plant in the world. 

Bjarke Ingels is the architect behind this novel concept, from the Bjarke Ingels Group. The dream has turned into reality according to him. Bjarke said it is a clear example of ‘Hedonistic Sustainability’. This idea is good for not only the environment, but for the lives of the citizens who live there.

The idea of incorporating mountain sports and merging it with a power plant is a unique idea. It will provide a template for the rest of the world to follow. Cleaner renewable energy and a healthier planet is crucial for the future.

Officially, the power plant has been operational since 2017 and powers well over 200,000 homes. Trash is used and then transformed into energy. The top part of this structure features ski-lifts that are used for transporting people. 

The building is a hybrid of natural landscape. There are huge glass and mirror type structures which contain planters. One day, the top of this building will give the impression of a green mountain from different directions. 

In a country where 600,000 skiers always had to travel to practice carving their turns, to be able to finally ski in their backyard—and, all year-round—is, as one skier said, “EXTRAORDINARY.”

The hope is for 300,000 visitors to frequent here making use of the multi-purpose services. The CopenHill experience including the ski slope will cost $22 dollars and hour or $366 dollars per year for a season pass.

Those interested, can sit back and relax at the restaurant and bar located at the highest point of the building or hang out along the steep hiking and running trails provided.

There is a featured climbing wall here known to be the tallest in the world at 270 feet in height. Other features include designs with overhangs and ledges with white icy looking mountains. This area is for certified climbers only at the top.

The $660 million power plant processes up to 440,000 tons of waste each year using furnaces, turbines, and steam. The electricity it produces can heat 160,000 homes and provide electric power to another 60,000. And though these numbers are impressive, the 24-hour operation of the entire facility can reportedly be handled by just two engineers. It is an incredible feat to say the least. 

(Source: Good News Network)

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