Guy And Girl Exchange A Single Dollar That Leads To Kids, Marriage And More

One dollar sometimes goes a long way, even affecting someone’s love life. This time around, two people’s very lives seemed to be affected by a single one dollar bill. When a Reddit user named Jason W. posted his story, people seemed to take notice. Jason had no idea that his fate would be handed to him literally by a dollar. 

Image: Jason W. (Jfreak7) Reddit

He explained how this one single dollar opened up a doorway to his very future giving him a family and loving woman. Sure a dollar can buy things, but can it really buy happiness? Maybe this time it actually did, well kind of. 

Jason uses the name Jfreak7 on Reddit and posted the following response to this question:

What is the most a dollar has ever gotten you?

“TLDR: A wife, three beautiful children and frankly my life as I know it.

Story time: Back in Jr. High, I liked a girl and flirted with her quite a bit. One time, during a band trip, we stopped at a gas station and she bought me a pack of gum. I tried to pay her back $1 but she refused. So, I slipped the $1 in her pocket. She then slipped the dollar in my backpack and so began the back and forth with the $1 bill. We found silly ways to give it back and forth. I mailed it to her house. She stuffed it in a gum wrapper and offered me a piece. I then decided that I would ask her out on this $1. I wrote, “Will you go out with me” on it and put it in a note and gave it to her. She said yes (of course, it would be a terrible story otherwise, I suppose).

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About four years later, I still had the same dollar kept away. On our anniversary, I wrote “Will you marry me” on the bottom of the dollar. We have been married for 15 years and have three awesome kids. We still have that dollar stored away.”

Jason went on to explain that when he was back in the 9th grade, he was fond of this one girl. She ended up buying him a pack of gum. He wanted to pay her back (being a gentleman about it). He then decided to put a dollar in her pocket, while she wasn’t looking. However, she would end up giving back the dollar by putting it in his backpack. Both of them continued this back and forth exchange, until Jason asked her out by writing a message on the dollar bill. 

“God, family, and teachers along the way structured my (and our) values. I didn’t go in thinking this 1 dollar bill would change our lives and I didn’t plan to keep it after asking her out. I’m really glad that I did, though. Maybe the 1 dollar bill taught us some restraint. We still haven’t spent it,” Jason said.

By the way, they haven’t spent this dollar yet. Many think they should frame it and one day show it to their grandchildren. 

(Source: Bored Panda and Reddit)

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