Homeless Man Saves Money To Buy Art Supplies, Hopes To Change His Life

One man named Jon Masters lives on a boat, along with his trusty service dog companion named Sheba. Together, the two are quite the pair. It is rough being on the streets trying to survive in today’s world. 

Unfortunately for Jon, life hasn’t been easy. His boat boat began to sink into the water while he was tossed into jail for trespassing on a beach. This led him to being homeless along with his dog. 

Jon Masters homeless painter
Image: YouTube/USA Today

He was out of options and needed to make a change in his life, so he turned to his deep passion for art after getting his first bit of money. He made a sign which read, “Just need a little help.” Jon wanted to find his own way, so he began to find focus. Soon enough, he had $40 dollars to his name. So, he bought some black and blue paint, along with a few cheap canvases and some paint brushes.

Image: YouTube/USA Today

Being a talented guy, he slowly began to sell his art to people. His works have so far fetched between $25 to $40 dollars each. These pieces are dramatic fantasy type scapes that bring forth the imagination. 

It all started for Jon when he set up alongside the road in Warrington, Florida. Jon already had some natural talent and further honed his skills by watching YouTube tutorials.  

Jon regularly suffers seizures, and his companion is trained to give him advance warning when this begins to happen. He went on to say during an interview with USA Today, “Nothing bad really happens.” “It’s just that not enough time has gone by to find out what good will come of the situation.” 

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That interview took place back in October of 2015. Perhaps at some point Jon might be able to get back on his feet again. It has been a rough road for him. 

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