Man Loves Dogs So Much, He Takes Care Of 750 Of Them

It all started back in 2008, when a man named Sasha Pesic began his first rescue. At first he came across a litter of abandoned puppies. Now more than a decade later, he has befriended and takes care of 750 dogs. Sasha has so far rescued around 1,200 different canines. 

People soon discovered Sasha after a video of him went viral. In this video, he dropped down to rescue a stranded puppy dog at the foot of a bridge. People loved it and the video has since been seen more than 63 million people on Facebook alone. Sasha is from Nis, Serbia. The man does have a heart for animals and it shows. 

Sasha Pesic Dogs Facebook
Image: Sasha Pesic/Facebook

Those are a lot of animals to take care of and Sasha has received help over the years from others. Likely some of these stray dogs have since been adopted by others locally but people have adopted these dogs from around the world.

Sasha has personally found dogs from the streets of Nis among other locations. It is safe to say that Sasha has dedicated his life to saving dogs and looking out for them.

Image: Sasha Pesic/Facebook

Of course it gets expensive and the food alone for 750 different dogs amounts to around $11,150 dollars a month. This doesn’t include any kind of veterinary care these animals need. Apparently, Sasha also pays people to help with the dogs since there are so many of them to care for. 

Many times the dogs are provided temporary shelters. From the donations (many from outside of Serbia) these dogs are getting some kind of care or help. It is a good thing and most animal shelters can only house so many dogs at once. 

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Sadly, many Serbian people are abandoning these animals due to different reasons. This only makes things much more difficult over all. There are some who have found where his shelter is and are “dropping off” dogs there. He is surprised by a new dog face often.

Image: Sasha Pesic/Facebook

Due to his good nature, he doesn’t have the heart for them to starve, so he provides them with any resources available.

“People usually come to leave behind unwanted dogs, they rarely come to pet one of the dogs at the shelter, Pesic told Niske Vesti. They leave close to the asylum, during the night, to not be seen. Dogs are living beings and I think they should be treated better, but that’s the way it is here.”

“I have asked for help many times and it is always needed, but simply our people are not hearing about what I do,” Pesic added.

Those interested in helping him and the shelter can donate on his Patreon page

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