Study Shows We Need to Hug One Another More Often

Life can certainly be tough sometimes and we all seem to struggle with something in life. Sometimes people just need a good old fashioned hug to feel better about themselves and others around them. 

Study Shows We Need to Hug One Another Move Often

In life we can sometimes feel angry or upset but having a good hug can be very comforting. After all, we are all human and need to be reassured. Whatever was bothering us before can sometimes be resolved by a hug.

Tensions and anxieties sometimes build up and people need that moment every now and then. Embracing family and friends with a hug is good but hugging a stranger can mean even more. 

It gives people hope that others out there care. Everyone is caught up in their own little world. Especially while they engage with their phones or other gadget type devices.

When we touch another person appropriately and with their permission. We are making a connection with another individual. Hugs can be a message saying “I care or you matter to me”.  

As people we need to be touched and interact with other to flourish in life. It is important to make a connection during both good and bad times. It is a part of who we are as people. An observation was made at orphanages located in Romania. 

The children there were provided food but they were never held or hugged. This turned out to be bad for them. These same children had significant developmental and socio-emotional delay, accompanied by smaller brains and development over all. 

On a side note, drinking Just One Cup Of Warm Water Each Morning, Works Wonders For Your Body.

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Hugs can help relieve stress from people. This means development for a person’s brain as they grow up. In nature, animals are observed that are socially isolated. This likely affects them as well and how they interact with one another. 

A study conducted by researchers interviewed 404 different adults for 14 days. They examined their physical health, conflicts in their life and whether or not they felt either emotionally (positive or negative). They also studied if they received a hug or not.

Those individuals who did receive a hug over all felt more positive and were less negative to their interactions of that day. They also felt that hugging might lead to getting sick or not after being so close to another person. But this is a common defense mechanism that in natural when being surrounded by strangers. 

Interestingly enough, hugs that women receive from their partner actually seem to lower blood pressure in her body. Hugs also can help induce a hormone known as oxytocin, colloquially labeled the “love hormone”.

Regarding hugs, they are a form of touch and a physical type connection that any human needs. This also includes massages and gentle touches. It helps uplift the human spirit, which is something that we all can use.

(Source: Good News Network)

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