Teenager With Special Needs Goes Out On His First Date

When we go out and eat or hang out, we often don’t think about those who need more attention and care than we do. Growing up as a teenager is difficult enough.

Imagine having to overcome further obstacles in life. On this evening, a number of people watched from afar as two special needs teenagers spent their night together. They went out to enjoy a meal at this restaurant. 

It seems their big sister is quite proud of them. On Twitter user C.Blue (@cblue00) posted “Omg my brother went on his first date tonight this makes my heart so so happy.”

Special needs teenagers dating
Image: @cblue00/Twitter

In the United States alone, there are 2.8 million special needs children. An estimated 93 million children need specialized care globally. A study made by The American Community Survey (ACS) said that the overall rate of people with disabilities in the US was at 12.8%.

Of course some of these people need more or less care than others and each case is handled differently. Each state has their own policies but ultimately each of them are defined according to their economic level. Just like other folks, some of them are better off than others. Special needs children, teenagers and adults need more help. 

Those interested can volunteer can contact organizations such as the Volunteers of America, The Arc and World Endeavors. Organizations such as these match up folks who need a little extra help.

It is far more rewarding to help out others like this than to simply donate money. Spend time around those who need help and expand your horizons in life. Think not only with your mind but with your heart.

Image: @cblue00/Twitter

Think of the smiles these two put on other peoples faces, as they watched a relationship blossom before their very eyes. It is unknown if the date was a success but the pictures do say something.

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