This Dog Waited 4 Years In The Same Spot For His Owners To Return, Then Things Change

Dogs can be quite loyal, they are amazing companions and lift up the human spirit. One dog in Thailand named Leo was mistakenly left behind at a gas station. From that day forward, the dog never left the spot where he was abandoned. 

Dogs have a real bond with people, that many do not realize. They are excellent animals and one of the most popular pets in the world. There is an old saying that goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend”. 

Image: Anuchit Uncharoen

Little Leo waited around for 4 long years at this same spot. He patiently remained there all that time, longing for the return of his family. As time passed by Leo became rather thin and starved. The dog even developed some kind of skin problem. 

Image: dogthailand

One 45 year old lady named Saowalak often passed by this area and began to feed Leo. She even would take him home with her. However, Leo would simply return back to this same spot waiting for his former family to come get him by the road. 

Eventually, another person wandered by who was concerned for the well being of Leo. Their name is Anuchit Uncharoen and they began to start posting on social media wondering where Leo’s owners were.

News of Leo began to circulate online and Leo’s family ended up contacting Anuchit Uncharoen. These people then explained that Leo was “BonBon”, their dog that was lost 4 years ago back in 2015. 

From what is understood, the family actually began to search for their missing BonBon (Leo) but later assumed he must have gone missing or worse. While BonBon was happy to once again see his family, he was not willing to follow them home.

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Image: dogthailand

Instead, he went back with Saowalak, the lady who had been watching out for him. Leo’s former family did promise to take care of BonBon and even to help pay for any veterinarian bills that might come up.

Image: dogthailand

Everyone on social media were both surprised and confused about the entire story. However, they were happy to know that BonBon (Leo) has now found a new home and someone to care for him. 

(Source: Bored Panda)

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