This Gay Couple Adopted A HIV Baby Nobody Else Wanted

Sometimes people are born into this world with struggles to overcome. This time around, one gay couple stepped in to adopt a little girl born with HIV. Both Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra were eager to give their love to a child in need. 

Image: Buen Día Rosario

Damian and Ariel, are the first openly gay couple to be married in Santa Fe, Argentina. They already were used to the scrutiny that most gay people have to deal with. However, the world has become far more accepting to gay people that it once used to be. Our world is forever changing in different ways.

Being family is forever and both of these guys opened up their hearts and fell in love with little Olivia, they began to care for her when she was only a month old. Ariel and Damien each work for an NGO that helps couples adopt unwanted children. 

Image: Ariel Vijarra

It was a long 3 year wait, but one day both Damian and Ariel received the phone call they had been waiting for. Olivia was previously rejected by 10 different families due to her being born with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

Both of the men had no doubts about what they were doing. They knew Olivia was a special child and needed their love. Even when they were able to first hold her and feed her, their connection to her was real. 

Over time, Olivia was treated for her condition and from a blessing from above, the child has been cleared of HIV. She can now go one to lead a fairly normal lifestyle. After the results were in, both parents celebrated. The virus was no longer detectable in Olivia’s readings. 

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Even though there is no cure for HIV as of now, this was still good news as it meant that Olivia would no longer have to suffer the negatives of the virus, nor would the virus be able to spread to others. 

Image: Ariel Vijarra

After adopting Olivia, the men decided to adopt another little girl around the same age named Victoria. Both of them will be turning 5 years old this year. It seems this family has a lot to celebrate about. Many people commented about their story around the internet and had good things to say about them.

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